No toilet at home? forget about salary: Shahdol DM to govt employees

In a move to curb open defecation in Shahdol, District Magistrate Mukesh Kumar Shukla announced that government employees and officials without a toilet in their homes will be denied salaries from next month i.e. November.
He has asked government employees to build toilets in their houses, in sync with the ‘Swachch Bharat’ mission.
No toilet at home? forget about salary: Shahdol DM to govt employees
Government and other employees drawing salary from the treasury will be required to obtain a certificate relating to provision of a functional toilet at their home, in order for them to draw their salaries next month, he said.
He added that these certificates will be issued to the employees by the heads of their respective departments.
It is to be noted that geographic verification will be done after the submission of certificate by the employees that they proof of functional toilets at their homes. During the verification process, it would be ensured that the toilet is being usaed by the whole family, said official.
According to administrative officials, the step has been taken to spread awareness among the people so that Shahdol district would be freed from open defecation.
Noteworthy, Madhya Pradesh had hit the headlines for campaigns like Operation Malyuddh and Bhai No 1 that aims to make the state Open Defecation Free.