Only those who do development take out the development journey: Revenue Minister Govind Singh Rajput

On Monday, the Vikas Yatra reached Pachoha, Saikheda, Rusalla, Batyavada, Basoda, Bamhoriseth villages of Surkhi assembly seat was given warm welcome by the villagers with garlands.

Revenue and Transport Minister inaugurated and performed Bhumi Pujan of development works worth crores

Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput, who reached the Vikas Yatra, inaugurated the development works worth crores of rupees and performed Bhumi Pujan, starting the Vikas Yatra by worshiping the girl child.
Addressing the Vikas Yatra on this occasion, State Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput said that those who do development take out Vikas Yatra. BJP is a party of development, that’s why it is taking out the Vikas Yatra with pomp in every village. The purpose of Vikas Yatra is not to count the people of development work carried out, but through this Vikas Yatra, to connect such eligible beneficiaries with the schemes of the government, who could not be benefited due to any reason.

Rajput said the main objective of Vikas Yatra is to change the condition of the state. Along with this, the standard of living of every person has to be improved, for which the BJP has made many public welfare schemes, due to which the standard of living of the people has improved and now the situation is that our state is being counted among the progressive states. Rajput said that if development is to be assessed correctly, then we have to look into the pages of the past when there were neither roads nor facilities that could improve the standard of living of the people. The BJP has connected every village to the main roads of the city by constructing paved roads, tap water scheme, bridges and culverts in every village, which has made the means of transport accessible in rural areas and increased employment opportunities.

Distributed certificates of Ladli Laxmi Yojana

Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput, while distributing the certificates of Ladli Laxmi Yojana during the Vikas Yatra, said that the respect of daughters has increased through Ladli Laxmi Yojana, in which the BJP government puts funds in the daughters’ accounts. Not only this, after the birth of daughters, their school education is absolutely free and the BJP government also bears the expenses of whatever studies the daughters want for higher education. BJP’s schemes for empowering and educating daughters are proving to be milestones. Rajput said that where the BJP has empowered the daughters, understanding the pain of our mothers and sisters, they were given gas connections through the Ujjwala Yojana so that their eyes do not get spoiled by the smoke. Rajput said that many schemes of BJP like Sambal card, Ayushman card, widow pension, old age pension, scholarships have brought development all around. Due to which BJP’s development journey is reaching everywhere. On this occasion, Rajput honored the new voters and welcomed Kamoli Ahirwar and his followers who left the Congress and joined the BJP and urged them to join hands in the development of the area.
On this occasion, Govind Singh Batyavda, Raghuraj Singh Patel, Vinod Oswal, Shivraj Singh Patel, Kamlesh, Dashrath, Roop Singh, Ajab Singh Yadav, Janpad members Pramendra Singh, Gulab Singh, Bhagwandas, Narayan Ghoshi, Lakshmi Prasad, Shaitan Singh, Anurag Pathak, Ayush Srivastava, Indrapal, Naresh along with officers, employees and hundreds of villagers were present.

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