PESA rules a great campaign to change the lives of the people: Chief Minister Shri ChouhanDiscussion on implementation of PESA rule with representatives of tribal class

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the state government is continuously working in the mega campaign to change the lives of the people through PESA rules.

He said with implementation of PESA, the life of the tribal community will be easier.

He said there is a need to bring awareness among the people with the cooperation of all.

Chouhan was discussing implementation of PESA rule with the representatives of the tribal community.

Chouhan said all the people’s representatives must form a team together and get involved in the implementation of the PESA rule.

Do the work of connecting the educated persons, he said.

He appealed them to explain PESA rules to the people by holding seminars, discussions and meetings.

Dr. Shyam Singh Kumre, Dr. Roop Narayan Mandve, S.S. Mujalde, Dr. Mukesh Tilgham, Sanghamitra and Dr. Aarti Paraste were present.

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