PM Modi’s meeting: Avoid going to these paths from 10 a.m.

Indore. The administration has almost completed the preparations for the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 23 at the Nehru Stadium in Indore. To save people from trouble, the police has prepared a plan of traffic divert. Given security, many routes will remain closed from 10 am on Saturday. None of the normal vehicles will be able to run on these. Apart from this, the Transport Department has taken about 1400 buses to bring the program to the program. These buses will bring people from Indore-Ujjain division to Indore. Separate parking arrangements have been made for buses coming from different routes.

Target to bring 75 thousand people to the meeting

-BJP has set a target to bring 75 thousand people in the PM’s meeting. The meeting place has also been prepared for more than 65 thousand people. To reach people till the meeting, the Transport Department has acquired 1400 buses. All these buses will reach Indore in the morning on June 23.

PM will sponsor 12 cities including Indore

– PM will reward 12 clean cities including Indore, Bhopal from here. Apart from this, the foundation stone of the project more than 4 thousand crore rupees will be inaugurated. In addition, they will also give green signal to the city bus operated in 20 cities. Initially, 127 buses, 4 municipal corporations and 2 municipalities will be run in the area, which is further targeted to 1600.

Transport will be on June 23

– Police has prepared a traffic plan for the PM’s meeting. The traffic will be diverted from 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Vehicles coming from Dewas: Bypass Devguradia cut point, parking arrangements in PTC ground by three tamarinds, Muskhedi crossroads.

Vehicles coming from Ujjain: Parking arrangements in the Daily College, including the Banganga Thana, Marimata square, DRP line crossroads, Rajkumar Chourah, Lerton, Regal square, RNT Marg, Shrimaya square, White Church, GPO from Bhorrasala intersection.

Vehicles coming from Nemavar / Khandwa: Parking arrangements in PTC / Daily College Ground by Nemawar Road, Three Taps.

Coming from Mahu: Parking system in front of Rajiv Gandhi statue, Bhanwarkuna Chauraha, Navlakha square, Muskhedi, Daily College / District Jail.

Coming from Dhar: Parking system in front of the Daily College / District Jail from Mandi Gate, Rajiv Gandhi statue, IT Park, Muskhedi, via Futi Kothi, Gopura Chauraha, Chanakypuri, Over Bridge, from the boundary.

Wis. For those coming from 1, 4 and Rau Vis: Parking system in front of Central School / District Jail, from Bhanwarkuna, Navlakha, Indira Statue.

Wis. For those who arrive from 2, 3: White Church, Nehru Stadium, Indira Statue from GPO, Parking system in Delhi College while being Central School.

– Media vehicles can be parked in the State Back of India campus.

Road to normal passenger buses / vehicles

Vehicles coming from Dewas: Bypass Devguradia cut point at three finalists, Navlakha, White Church at their last stop.

Vehicles coming from Ujjain: On Baiganga Thana, Marimata, from the BPR line from Rajkumar to the DRP line at their final stop.
– Do not use the well-traveled super carrier route to the airport. They will be able to reach the airport in front of the DMP line, Marimata Chairahah, Wireless T, Kalani Nagar, Airport Police Station.

Restriction / transit route for heavy goods vehicles

– Vehicles coming from three taps to the Mandi, which leads to Transport Nagar / Mandi, are strictly prohibited.
– By traveling from Dhar Road to Naudapanti on Super Corridor route, they will be able to get away from Bypass by going to Naadapantha from Chandan Nagar Futi Kothi Gopur Chauraha, Narmadapuram, Sand Mandi Road, AB Road Rau.
– The heavy vehicles coming from Ujjain will not be able to enter the city.

Avoid going to these paths after 10 a.m.

– During this time traffic from 10 am to 9.00 pm, via Bhorrasa crossing, MR-10 road, airport, Chandra Gupta square, Bapat Chaurah, Vijay Nagar, Radisson Crossroads, Banishani Dham Crossroads, Khajrana Crossroads, Bengali Crossroads, White House from Piphalaha Crossroads The entire route to the church will be completely restricted.

Overnight roads built around the stadium

Due to the visit of PM, the administration has made all the roads within Residency Kothi new. Among them, there were three roads which had not been worked for years. Residency Kothi gardens are also being transmitted. Even around the Nehru Stadium, the roads were made new The streets also have interlocking tiles beside the roads. These include PSC office from Shivaji Vatika, GPO from PSC office, road behind Nehru Stadium, Navratan Bagh road, BRTS from the main gate of the stadium, and road from gate to residency on the right side of the stadium. All street lights of these roads are also turned on and some new lights are also installed.

More than three thousand trees planted on the Eastern Ring Road in three days
Under the visit of PM, the work of planting has also been expedited. More than three thousand plants have been planted on the Eastern Ring within three days. This series is continuously running. The entire team of 50 people is involved in this.