RSS MP from Indo-Bangla clash, RSS warns

new Delhi. In the past, the call for the India-band call was made in the SC / ST Act against the decision of the Supreme Court and the amendment made by the Central Government in this law. Madhya Pradesh was also among those other states which have seen widespread impact on the clashes including Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, many things have been said in the anti-government and support for the wide impact of the shutdown. It also included that the supporters of the Opposition got support from closed supporters about the assembly elections to be held later this year. But the prevalence of the band has certainly given the force to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in the state. There has been a stir in the party. In view of this, senior leaders of the party’s high command and RSS (RSS) have started thinking. Especially in the absence of CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s Jan Bharati Yatra, the success of India-Bandh has been successful, the lines of concern for the party have definitely been dragged. At the same time, the Sangh has also alerted the party about the preparations for the elections.

Will change strategies, start crisis management
In view of the political situation created after the Indo-Barrage, BJP state leaders have started the exercise of Crisis-Control. This drill is taking place in the electoral battle, keeping in mind the upcoming assembly elections. According to a news of the Times of India, the Madhya Pradesh unit of the party has convened a meeting of state party officials, legislators, MPs, leaders of the state level working leaders and district heads in Anan-Fanan. This meeting will also include the top leaders of the Sangh Parivar. This meeting will be held before the party’s national president Amit Shah in Madhya Pradesh and before the formal start of the election campaign. Amit Shah will start the election campaign from Ujjain on September 12 next. According to the newspaper, earlier this important meeting of the BJP will be held, in which the worries created by the conditions created after the India-closed situation will be discussed.

Senior BJP MP and Rajya Sabha MP Prabhat Jha has got the responsibility of organizing Amit Shah’s program. Prabhat Jha, Before the arrival of Shah, the party wants to know the opinions of leaders and officials on the new political situation created in the state. For this, before the 12th of September the party will run many rounds of meetings. Jha said in an interview with Times of India, “Before September 12, two places in the state – on September 8, Sagar and 9 will be held in Gwalior. In this meeting, there will be discussion on political matters, as well as Amit Shah’s Madhya Pradesh tour will also be discussed. There will also be a meeting of party’s divisional level workers in Ujjain before September 12th. ‘

According to the Times of India, RSS has warned the BJP against the atmosphere created against the party in the state. The Sangh has warned the party that after the Jan Dhan Yojana, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is going to be demolished due to protests from the upper castes. Because some Saffron organizations of India-clans of the upper castes had also supported and played an overwhelming share in the bandh This is the reason why the party wants to take a step towards resolving the problems by meeting its National President on the state level before coming to Madhya Pradesh. A leader of the Sangh told the Times of India, “BJP leaders need to be cautious nowadays. Because such an atmosphere will increase the morale of the BJP government’s opponents, which will harm the party in coming assembly elections. Not only this, if the party is not alert yet, then the party may have to face the Lok Sabha elections in the year 2019. “The leader of the RSS said that the BJP has something to do to calm down the anger in the forward castes. Have to do.