Sambalal yojna will be monitored: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Chhindwara Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the implementation of Chief Minister Jana-Kalyan (Sambal) scheme for the welfare of the unorganized sector will be constantly monitored at Panchayat and Ward level. The objective of monitoring will be to benefit more and more eligible beneficiaries. He said that the monitoring committee will be 5 member and women participation in this will also be ensured. Chauhan was addressing the Tendupta collector and unorganized labor conference in Amravada city of Chhindwara district today. Chief Minister Chouhan announced on this occasion that ITI will be opened in Government College and Amarwara in Singori. He said that the MSc course classes will also be started if there is sufficient number of students in government colleges. Chauhan congratulated the successful students in the proper examination and took photographs with them.

The Chief Minister also distributed benefits and benefits under various schemes to the beneficiaries on this occasion.Mr. Chauhan, in the conference, inaugurated and inaugurated 21 construction works of about 87 crore in Chhindwara district. Nearly 32 thousand Tendupta collector families have distributed bonus of 6 crore 74 lakhs online. The Chief Minister attended the conference, wearing the footpaths and offering a flask of water to the collector collectors. The women were presented to Saints in Tendupta collectors. Chauhan briefed about the various schemes of poor, labor and farmers’ welfare in the conference. He said that in the Sambalal scheme, the farmers belonging to the poor and other sections of the poor sections along with the workers of land owned by them will also be benefitted. He said that the Sambalal scheme will connect these sections with the main stream of society. In the conference, the Deputy Chairman of the National Scheduled Tribes Commission, Ms. Anusuya Uike, District Panchayat President Smt. Kanta Thakur, Mayor Smt. Kanta Sadang, Chairman of Bharia Development Authority Smt. Urmila Bharti, MLA Chaudhary Chandrabhan Singh, Pt. Ramesh Dubey, Nanabhau Mohod and Nathan Shah Kawarti, Mahakoshal Vikas Adhikari Commerce vice president Santosh Jain, other public representatives and a large number of Tenduptta container, workers in the unorganized sector, was attended by farmers and rural.Sambalal yojna will be monitored: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan