Shivraj Singh Chauhan says – Opposition unity is ‘without a groom’s procession’

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, while referring to the opposition unity as “the groom’s procession without a groom”, said that the opposition parties have no leader who can compete with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Chauhan, who recently was appointed the BJP’s vice president, said that Modi is a popular leader and the party will win the General Elections of 2019 under his leadership.

Chauhan told PTI in an interview, “Opposition unity is nothing but a procession of a bride, there is no leader,” they are coming together to save their own existence. “They said that the opposition Does not have any leader to counter Modi. All BJP leaders are standing with the Prime Minister to ensure the victory of the party.

Chauhan said, “There is no leader in the opposition who can compete with Mr. Modi. We are all standing with them and will win this election. Today, Modi is not only the leader of my country but the entire nation. “On being asked about his role in the BJP in future, Chauhan said that whatever party leadership he decides for them, but also said that he is emotionally speaking Are connected to the state.

He said, “Whatever the BJP decides for me I will do but I have emotional attachment to Madhya Pradesh.” In a way, I will continue to serve Madhya Pradesh. “When asked if he will be in national politics, Chauhan said that whatever decision the party chief and the Prime Minister will make for him, he will do it with his full capabilities. Prior to becoming the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Chauhan had been a Lok Sabha member five times from Vidisha in the state.