Shivraj’s election promise, Chhatarpur will build the Municipal Corporation


Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan held four general assembly meetings in four assembly constituencies of the district on Monday. During this time, he appealed to vote for BJP in favor. In order to elect an election, Shivraj Singh first came from Tikamgarh district to Chattraparpur in Bijawar assembly constituency.

At noon, at 4.40 pm, the CM reached the meeting place. At 4.51 PM Shivraj Singh addressing the public said to win the candidate Pushpendranath Pathak. Keep talking until CM 5.05 After this, they left for Chhatarpur. While the helicopter landed at Pandit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium in Chhatarpur and reached Gala Mandi, CM addressed the people and asked BJP candidate Archana Singh to win. After this, a meeting was held in support of Rajnagar Vidhan Sabha candidate Arvind Pataria in the BJP candidate of Maharajpur Assembly Manvendra Singh and Bamitha.

Shivraj Singh said that BJP will win, Chhatrapur will be made a metropolitan (municipal corporation). He said further that today God is proud and proud. Dev will get up, but Congressmen will go as the Congress has never done good to the country and the state. There was a laggard in the Congress government. There were no roads in Congress rule. There was no electricity. The children used to read in the light of the box. The kids used to slogan until the Diggi stayed, until the boxed box Congress ruined MP I built half a kilometer of roads in the state. That is why Congress gets angry. At the time of Congress government, loans were given to farmers at 18 percent. I made zero percent. Purchase money in farmers’ accounts. Congress never deposited money in farmers’ accounts. Now, I do not get the benefit of the bonus, which has one or two acres of land and their crops go into the household expenses, I will also throw those people in their accounts at Rs. 7 thousand rupees 30 quintals. Wheat will sell for 2100 rupees. He said that if the daughter makes Laddi Lakshmi then the Congress gets annoyed. If I give four lakh rupees for an accident in accident, Congress gets annoyed. Why do I get angry with the Congress if I take elderly people on the pilgrimage as Shravan Kumar?


I will not allow any pain

While addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister said that Congress could never do good to the people. Bachhen is the leader of the Congress away from the chair for 15 years. He has begun to remove us from the way. Can not sleep all night. They also see Shivraj in the night. I want to make MP a prosperous state. I do not want to leave any work for this. I claim that farmers will not suffer any problems.

Chief Minister in Khajuraho – defeat Parachute candidate and passive MLA

Khajuraho Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan addressed the election rally in support of BJP candidate Arvind Pateria from Rajnagar assembly in Bamitha at 9 pm on Monday night. The Chief Minister reached Bamitha with a convoy from Naogaon. During this time, he indirectly termed the Samajwadi Party’s candidate Nitin Chaturvedi as a parachute candidate. The Chief Minister said that Congress candidates are two consecutive five year MLAs. But due to their inactivity, the development of the Rajnagar region is not possible. The Chief Minister said that, ever since being a MLA, Vikram Singh did not meet him for any project or development work in the area in 10 years. He united the BJP leaders and appealed to win the party’s candidate. The Bijapur assembly constituency is also located from Bamitha area. For this reason, people of Bijapur Assembly and Pushpendra Nath Pathak were also present in the meeting.
Congress is making fun of the poor

In the name of poverty, the Congress has been making fun of the poor. Poverty did not go away till now, but the poor definitely got out of the way. I dedicated the treasure to the benefit of the poor. He said that I have told Kamal Nath that do not insult the mother and daughter. When a Draupadi was insulted then there was a Mahabharata in the country.