SI allegedly commits suicide after killing his wife and son

A sub-inspector posted in the special branch of MP police headquarters was found lying dead on the railway tracks near Misrod railway station on Friday night.

The body was identified from the bike found near the spot, according to the police.

According to the police, at 11:45 pm, the police station of Rani Kamalapati station received information about the dead body lying near the Misrod railway station.

The body was badly damaged and difficult to identify. During the investigation, a bike with official number of police was standing near the spot of the incident. On the basis of its number, it was traced from the records that this bike belongs to Suresh Khanguda, sub-inspector of the special branch.

When the police reached the sub-inspector’s house, the blood-soaked bodies of his wife Krishna (28) and two-year-old child were lying inside. The cops found throat was silt of both the bodies.

The Police have also recovered from the spot the sharp aged tool (meat cutting knife) that was used in the murder. In the preliminary investigation, the police estimate that the sub-inspector allegedly committed suicide by cutting himself off from the train after killing his wife and son.

Krishna’s maternal uncle is in front of the spot, but no one could even get a clue of this heinous matter.

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