Simhastha Kumbh: 134 arrested for posing as sadhus

As the ‘Simhastha Kumbh Mahaparv’ — one of the four Kumbh Melas celebrated as one of the largest spiritual gatherings in the world — draws to a close, the police have arrested 134 people posing as sadhus and indulging in criminal activities, Additional Director General of Police V Madhukumar has said.
The authorities have initiated proceedings against these people as per law, Madhukumar said on Monday.
The ADGP said there have been incidents of theft, vandalism and even a murder attempt at the site of Simhastha Kumbh. Some of the incidents were targeted against sadhus — religious renunciates — belonging to various ‘akharas’ — an order of such renunciates — which get a pride of place in sacred bath rituals of a Kumbh pilgrimage.
Madhukumar said the third and last ‘Shahi Snan’ (royal bath) of Kumbh on May 21 would be a big challenge for the police on account of large crowds of devotees that are expected.
The Simhastha Kumbh, that began on April 22, will conclude with the Shahi Snan on May 21.