Smart City: MP Nagar to become Bhopal’s second wi-fi zone by next week

Weeks after its inclusion in the list of Smart Cities, Bhopal is likely to get its second wi-fi zone at MP Nagar.
Famous hangout place Boat Club in the vicinity of serene Upper Lake, had the distinction of being city’s first wi-fi zone on the New Year.
Sources claim that the service is expected to be started within a week.
Under the Smart City concept, the entire city has to be converted into wi-fi zone and the Bhopal Municipal Corporation has undertaken the task in phased manner.
For using wi-fi connectivity on the smart phones, the users are expected to search hot spot in their handsets. As soon as the handset gets connectivity from the BSNL wi-fi network, the mobile handset would be registered in the wi-fi zone through browser.
The browser would then ask the user to download an application which would require filling name, address and other details. The submission of the details would land OTP (One Time Password) on the handset and by entering OTP, the user could enjoy wi-fi connectivity.
In the next phase, the BMC plans to take wi-fi zone to prominent market New Market in TT Nagar area.