Smart city project: Underground dustbins installed at 3 locations in Raipur

RAIPUR: The city’s first hi-tech project to install underground dustbins fitted with a unique censor based inbuilt technology has taken off. Under the mega project, the first three underground dustbins have been already installed in Gandhi Maidan, Marine Drive, Phool Chowk while at Guru Ghasidas complex, the process is underway.
A unique censor based inbuilt technology in underground dustbins, is to be developed at 30 prime spots under the Smart City Project.
According to the smart city officials, underground bins would be placed in such a fashion that no person has to walk for more than 100 meters to dispose the waste.
The censors fitted in the underground dustbins will indicate the remaining capacity of the bin and indicate when it is full and needs to be emptied.
The system can reduce overall operating costs for refuse collection by more than 30% using less manpower, fewer vehicle movements and less energy consumption.
Underground dustbins disposal system will dispose waste as per the convenience and would save garbage from being littered by stray cattle and dogs. With garbage lying in the open causing environment pollution, Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) decided to use underground waste bin technology in the city.
The bins are going to be of 1.5 cubic meters in capacity and will be made of stainless steel. These are fully placed underground having only their inlets above the ground surface.
A crane will lift the garbage from the underground bins and it will be transported to the trenching ground.

Standalone fully underground collection bins offer great advantage over traditional collection bins. As the bins will be emptied by crane it will prove to be labourer-saving and cost-effective.
The holding capacity of garbage will increase from 1.5 to 2.5 times. It will be non-inflammable.
RSCL has prepared a proposal for implementation of modern waste collection system with provision of fully underground waste collection bins at designated locations. The project aims at 3R- reduce, reuse and recycle to provide clean and pollution free environment.
The major proposed locations for installing underground bins, includes Ganj Mandi, Motibagh, Madhavrao Sapre School, Phul Chowk, Ravi Bhavan, balbir Singh juneja Indoor Stadium, Dharna Sthal, Jawahar Bazar, Navin Bazar, Momin Para, Shastri market, Bhadhai Para, Amapara, Ramsagar Para, Satti Bazar, Byron Bazar, Gurunanak Chowk, Budhapara Chowk, Kankali hospital, Old Bus-stand and others.