Special policy must for welfare of forest guards, mahouts, watchers and grass cutters ; MP CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that conservation of forests and wildlife is necessary to make the earth worth living for the coming generations. It is important to ensure that there is no conflict between development and nature, coordination is maintained and that the forest should be a continuous source of livelihood for its inhabitants. The responsibility of their management rests with the officers of the Indian Forest Service. This way the responsibility of the officers of All India Forest Service is very important for smoothness and continuity of human life. Officers should discharge their responsibilities with full commitment and sensitivity. Chief Minister Chouhan was inaugurating the two-day Vaniki Sammelan of the Indian Forest Service Association. Forest Minister Dr. Kunwar Vijay Shah, Chairman of State Forest Development Corporation Madhav Singh Dabur, Additional Chief Secretary Forest J.N. Kansotia, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief of Forest Force, Shri Ramesh Kumar Gupta, President of All India Forest Service Association, Atul Srivastava were special guests. Indian Forest Service officers posted in the state took part in the programme.

CM releases the film ‘Exploring Satpura’

Chouhan inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp. Forest Minister Dr. Shah welcomed Chouhan by presenting him a Tulsi plant and by pinning the Sammelan’s lapel pin. Chouhan released the booklet ‘Forest Department- New Dimensions of Success’ and the Satpura Tiger Reserve website, the teaser of the film ‘Kuno: Return of Cheetah’ made on Cheetah Restoration in Kuno National Park and the natural beauty of Satpura Tiger Reserve and the wonderful bio- Film ‘Exploring Satpura’ depicting diversity and eco-tourism.

Short films should be made on the forest activities of the state

Chouhan said that Forest Service officers have played an important role in saving forests as well as expanding them. Madhya Pradesh has made remarkable achievements in conservation of tiger, leopard, vulture, alligator etc. Now we have also become the only Cheetah state of the country. Rehabilitation of tigers in Panna is also an important achievement. For this, Forest Service officers deserve to be congratulated. An example has also been presented in the management of state parks, forest and tiger protection. It is necessary to make a special policy for the welfare of the employees working at the grassroots level, including forest guards, mahouts, watchers and grass cutters, who play an important role in the protection of forests. Chouhan underlined the need for making short films on the positive activities of the Forest Department, achievements like conservation of forest area and wildlife and promoting them on social media.

Govardhan Puja gives the message of conservation of nature

Chouhan said that according to Indian culture there is only one consciousness in everyone. The Indian mind believes in the philosophy of ‘live and let live’. This means that humans, animals, trees and plants are parts of the same consciousness.

It is being held on the theme of “one family-one future”, which is an extension of the Indian idea. A feeling for protection of nature is inherent in the message of Govardhan Puja given by Lord Shri Krishna. In Indian culture, the worship of Banyan tree, Tulsi, banana, betel nut, coconut and the worship of Nandi, mouse, tiger etc. as the vehicles of Gods show that not only human beings but also the overall protection of animals and plants is essential for the natural balance It is necessary that man utilizes nature to maintain his existence but does not exploit it. Otherwise we will have to face the crisis of climate change and global warming.

Activities of Agro Forestry and Bamboo Mission should be encouraged

Chouhan said that the ongoing activities for plantation in the state have yielded positive results. As I plant saplings every day and encourage the participation of the general public in this, the people of the state are now planting saplings on their birthdays, anniversaries and in the memory of family members. Success has been achieved in making plantation a mass campaign. Ankur Abhiyan also has a special contribution in this. There is a need to encourage the activities of agro-forestry, bamboo mission in the state and to simplify the rules related to afforestation through tree plantation.

Crucial role of Forest Department in successful implementation of PESA Act

Chouhan said that the Forest Department has a vital role in the successful implementation of the PESA Act in the state. It is necessary to provide training to the tribal community in relation to the collection and marketing of tendu leaves and other forest produce and support in its management. The participation of tribal youths will also have to be encouraged in the operation of crushers and minor mineral mines operated in tribal areas. The staff of the Forest Department also has an important role in protecting the land of tribal brothers and sisters. It is necessary that the staff of the Forest Department should not allow mafias to flourish in the forest areas and their conduct with tribal brothers and sisters should be sensitive.

Trees inspire to live for others: Forest Minister Dr. Shah

Forest Minister Dr. Shah said that under the leadership of Chouhan, the state has made remarkable achievements in forest and wildlife conservation. Trees give inspiration to live for others. This message is being given by Chouhan through planting saplings every day that we should also plant saplings and dedicate our lives to the development of the state and public welfare.

4 lakh 31 thousand hectare degraded forest area developed as good forest area

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Head of Forest Force Ramesh Kumar Gupta informed about the achievements of the Forest Department. He informed that it has been possible to include 4 lakh 31 thousand hectare degraded forest area of 1152 villages in the category of good forest area through community-based forest management. In the last four years, 20 crore 72 lakh saplings have been planted. Bamboo poles are being used in the Green Initiative. With the opening of 26 gates in the Buffer Mein Safar, the number of tourists has increased and the villagers have started getting direct benefits. In the year 2022, Tendu Patta’s business was worth one thousand crores. Tendu Patta collection has been started in 268 Gram Sabhas under the PESA Act with the active cooperation of the Forest Department.

Group photo with Chouhan

A group photo session of Indian Forest Service officers with Chouhan was held at the Forestry Conference. There will be 2 technical sessions, exchange of service experiences, Facebook competition and cultural programmes in the Forestry Conference which will run till February 13.

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