Third world war will erupt over a cow, says MP govt official

A Madhya Pradesh government official has claimed that the third world war will start over a cow.
Madhya Pradesh Gaupalan Evam Pashudhan Samvardhan Board Chairman Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri said that cow has always been a source of contention and India’s first war of independence which began in 1857, was over the cow.
Third world war will erupt over a cow, says MP govt official
The 61-year-old swami who got the title of Mahamandleshwar of Niranjani Akhara in March 2010, holds a position that tasks him with protection and conservation of cow in Madhya Pradesh. He is the first one in the state to hold the post dressed in saffron and forehead smeared with the sacred ashtagandha paste and a rudraksha mala dangling around his neck, says an Express report.
On the issue of cow vigilantism, he said that gau rakshaks are bound to get angry upon seeing dead or injured cows packed in vehicles, this becomes an emotive issue for them.
But he insisted that gau rakshaks should not take the law into their own hands. Gau rakshaks should instead wait for the police to come once they stop vehicles taking away cattle.
“All states should pass stricted anti-cow slaughter laws to check smuggling of cattle through state borders,” Giri said.
Akhileshwaranand Giri said that the cow’s milk, urine and dung possess medicinal qualities that can even fight cancer and epilepsy.
Giri’s cow protection board which functions under the animal husbandry department said that he has a strategic plan to sensitise people on usage of specific terminology in reference with cows. He said that officials should use the word “gaumata darshan” instead of inspection, while visiting the gaushalas, th0is will change their whole outlook.
Giri said that he will require at least Rs 100 crore from the government to function. The cow protection board presently gets Rs 18 crore fund.
He said that he will write to MPs and MLAs in the state to contribute towards starting of service of collecting food and leftovers from door to door to feed cows. Each MLA would be expected to contribute at least Rs 15,000 for the cause.
Giri also insisted that more than 575 recognised gaushalas in Madhya Pradesh should become self-sufficient and start their own research about cow products.