‘This is an ideal place, preserve it for many more generations’: German Minister Gehlen on Sanchi stupa of Madhya Pradesh

Ube Gehlen, Head of the German Development Corporation in India and Minister at the German Embassy, was overwhelmed to see the world famous Sanchi Stupa.

Minister Gehlen wrote on the visitor’s book that he got to know from close quarters various achievements and history of Sanchi in Raisen district. After visiting the main Stupa of Sanchi, he thanked everyone heartily and wrote on the message book that “This is an ideal place, keep it for many more generations, keep it up, our best wishes.”

Gehlen also solved his queries with the tourist guide during the visit to Sanchi Stupa. The books “Stronghold of Madhya Pradesh” and “Resurgence from Ruins, the Sanchi Saga” were also presented to Gehlen.

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