Thumbs up for WSafety SOS app

BHOPAL: Five days after its launch – WSafety, the MP police’s SOS app for women has registered over 1,000 downloads and gained a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play Store. So far no emergency cases have been reported.
Police is also working on an iOS version of the app.

The application has a ‘danger’ button which is pressed will send the user’s location to the police as well as two family members. A special team monitoring the app will call the user and summon Dial 100 if needed.
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), (Zone 4) Sameer Yadav said, “Within a week around 1000 people have downloaded the app and we also recieved 152 test messages from women to see if the app was working. This is a very user friendly app that can be used even without a data pack and traces the location of the user too. I hope more people will benefit from it.”
Divya Jhala, a fashion designing student from Indore, who downloaded the app said that it is great to know that women will be able to contact their family and police when they are in danger. “I downloaded the app and while going through it I accidently pressed the ‘danger’ button and got an instant call from the control room to ask if I was alright. Since the text message was sent to my father also, he too called me up in no time.”
Bhopal resident, Neha Sharma who downloaded the app during a demonstration of the app by police department at 10 Number Market said that the app will help women feel safe. “I downloaded the app during the programme by the police department and pressed the danger button there itself to test if the app was working fine. My phone dialled the number saved in the app by default and I got a call back from Bhopal police.” A team of cops is visiting schools and colleges to explain to the students how the app works.