Ujjain: EESL is spoiling the name of Central Government’s energy saving scheme, complaint reached PM Modi, know what is the matter

It is the intention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the city of Ujjain should be in energetic light and always move forward on the path of development, for which he has started many schemes. But these days low level stuff is being imposed by a company on these plans. A complaint letter has been written against the company to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding this whole matter. It has also been written in the letter that such companies are giving a bad name to the ambitious schemes of the Centre.

Ujjain Municipal Corporation’s lighting department committee in-charge Rajat Mehta handed over EESL to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A letter has been written regarding the company. It has been mentioned in the letter that keeping in view the energy savings as per the ambition of the Government of India, EESL, a company recognized by the Government of India, through Smart City in Ujjain city under electricity savings. Through Energy Saving LEDs in the city. Fixtures C.C.M.S. were established. The fixtures installed by the company are of low standard and not of proper standard. The fixtures get damaged again and again, and their maintenance materials are also not made available to the department by the company. In this regard, I have already informed in writing to all the concerned departments and the Ministry of Energy, Government of India, in which a request has been made to punish the company by taking action against it, but till now no action has been taken against the above mentioned company. No action has been taken from the level.