Unfortunate comment on Rahul Gandhi, CM Kamal Nath apologizes

Bhopal. Another case of unrestrained remarks has emerged on politicians. In the alot development of Ratlam, the government teacher made an objectionable comment on the social media of Congress national president Rahul Gandhi. After this the teacher was suspended. But Chief Minister Kamal Nath apologized and instructed him to reinstate him.

According to the information, Baleshwar Patidar, a teacher of the government primary school in Village Talode of Alot Vikalkhand of Vikramshal, had made unrestrained remarks about Rahul Gandhi on social media. After which Patidar was suspended. But Chief Minister Kamal Nath got information about the matter and instructed the teacher to restore it after a strong warning. According to the statement issued by Kamal Nath, a formal action should have been taken against the teacher, because such conduct in government service is contrary to the civil service rules.

Kamal Nath said that before this, a teacher from Jabalpur used the word dacoity against him. Similar action was taken against them. But a teacher’s fault and his suspension will affect his family. The punishment of abusive remarks did not suffer due to the entire family of the teacher, so I decided to forgive and immediately restored the teacher.

Kamal Nath said that there is definitely freedom of expression in democracy, but it is also true that its adherence should be in limitation. Similar action was taken against Alot’s teacher Baleshwar Patidar, but then thought that the National President of the party has forgiven all those who have made indecent remarks, rhetoric and criticism, in this case, to give instructions to restore Patidar too. I am

However, Kamal Nath also said that he wants to say to the above teacher that he should definitely make a proper study of renunciation, contribution towards Gandhi family of this country, so that if he has any wrong thinking towards this family in his mind, then he It can be improved.