Viral video: Moral policing leaves ‘love birds’ fuming, senior cops assure action

A video went viral on social media of ‘moral policing’ in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, that has raised fingers on the local police for misbehaving with the couples.
On Monday, police was informed about some misconduct happening at Regional Park, following which the women police officers along with other cops raided the park.
The video of the raid has gone viral on social media, but those present at the park are alleging that the video has been edited and shared on social networking sites.
It is being alleged that the police misbehaved with them, the women cops were also alleged to misbehave with the girls present at the park.
The locals has registered complaint with Deputy Inspector General (DIG) against the cops who raided the park, the DIG has directed the SSP to investigate the matter and take proper action against those officials if find guilty.
Meanwhile, RTI activists Dr Anand Rai also shared the video and wrote the incident is really sad and we strongly condemn the, moral policing.