Watch television, but do not make bankrupt by running an AC-heater: CM Shivraj

The electricity that you are burning in households will now come up to 200 rupees per month. There’s a light and fan running in it. See also Easy TV But do not let me bankrupt by running AC and heaters. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said this.

They were speaking at the Unorganized Workers Conference in Lal Parade Ground on Wednesday. He said the bill will come from the flat rate from July. He started the Sambal Yojana and claimed to bring new life in the lives of the poor. He explained the plan to the world’s biggest welfare scheme. At the same time, in four years, every poor person assured to give a permanent house. Also talk about giving free treatment At the end of the program, he distributed checks of e-rickshaws and schemes to beneficiaries.

Cooperation Minister Biswas Sarang, MP Alok Sanjar, Mayor Alok Sharma, Municipal Corporation President Surjit Singh Chauhan, District Panchayat President Manmohan Nagar, BDA President Om Yadav, Sultan Singh Shekhawat, Chairman of the Unorganized Labor Board, MLA Surendranath Singh, Rameshwar Sharma, Vishnu Khatri etc. were present.

The Chief Minister also said –

– Up to 60 years of age, two lakh rupees and two lakh rupees will be given for death in accident. 5 thousand rupees for the funeral. E-rickshaw drivers will get e-rickshaws for e-loaders and rickshaw drivers.

– Labor women will receive Rs. 4 thousand in pregnancy and Rs. 12 thousand after maternal assistance. In the education of son-daughter, the hurdle of fees will also end. The government will recruit fees from the first grade to the college.

– 37 lakh 50 thousand poor homeless. The government will construct 40 lakh houses in 4 years to give every poor house a permanent house. When there is a shortage of land in cities, houses in multi-storey buildings will be provided.

– To implement the scheme in a very simple way, the smart card will be given to the registered beneficiary.

The ruckus of the girls during the program, the action of the police –

During the Chief Minister’s speech, some girls cheered. These were slogans. The students were sitting on the dock for demanding a height reduction in police recruitment exams which reached the program. It was a rebuttal to complete the announcement of the Chief Minister’s announcement on the exemption which the police later took action to send to jail. State Congress President Kamal Nath tweeted, tweeting that this is the mama’s respect for her nephews. Please tell that during the program, other beneficiaries also shouted slogans.