Will make development a mass movement with the help of youth power: MP CM Chouhan

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that nation’s upliftment is possible only through village upliftment. It is necessary to make development a mass movement. Will work together with youth power to make Madhya Pradesh self-reliant. The youth have to take the responsibility of changing the lives of the people. If there is passion, stubbornness and passion, then no work is impossible. The public should get the benefit of the leadership potential of the youth. The youth who have completed the leadership training course will work to take the schemes of the government to the public. Youth associated with Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad have done wonderful work in various fields. He is expected to play such a role in the future as well. Various facilities will also be provided to the youth associated with the Community Leadership Training Program.

Major announcements made by Chief Minister Chouhan

Chief Minister Chouhan today said at the Community Leadership Youth Samagam under the Chief Minister’s Community Leadership Capacity Development Program (CMCLDP) at Bhopal’s Jamboree Ground that the Jan Abhiyan Parishad will be the nodal agency for the community leadership training programme. This course will be considered at par with the students of other regular courses of the government. The students of this course will get the benefit of schemes of higher education and other departments. In order to ensure public participation in the schemes of the selected students of the Community Leadership Training Scheme, arrangements will be made for community engagement/internship projects in the concerned departments. Students will be authorized to evaluate the schemes of the government. There will also be a system of honorarium for them.

Powerful India is being built under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the country is moving forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A glorious, glorious and powerful India is being built. India now talks to the countries of the world by making eye contact, not by bowing down. Once upon a time even small countries used to show their eyes to India. The situation has changed after the year 2014. Madhya Pradesh is also changing. Madhya Pradesh will change further with public cooperation. Development needs the support of the society, especially the youth. Chief Minister Chouhan said that after listening to the views of some youths in this gathering today, I can see the yearning and fire of development in them. Man is a part of God, son of nectar, no work is impossible for him, only self-confidence should be there. Explaining the definition of youth, Chief Minister Chouhan said that not only people in the age group of 15 to 35 years are youth, but youth are those who have speed in their feet and fire in their chest. Have dreams in your eyes. If they are determined, they show it by completing the work. In the year 2019, Chief Minister Chouhan termed the decision of the then government to discontinue the leadership training program as against the youth. The Chief Minister said that now no one will be able to stop this useful program.

Madhya Pradesh is ahead of all, the budget will cross Rs 3 lakh crore

Mentioning the development of Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the state’s growth rate is 19.7 percent, which is more than all other states. It is mentioned in the report of the Government of India. The budget of Madhya Pradesh which used to be 10 to 20 thousand crores, is now going to exceed 3 lakh crores. The per capita income in the state has increased from Rs 13 thousand to Rs one lakh 37 thousand. The contribution of Madhya Pradesh in the country’s economy has increased. A miracle has happened in the agriculture sector also in terms of production. Potholed roads were resurfaced. The percentage of irrigation has been increased. Now arrangements are being made to supply drinking water from door to door. A campaign is going on to change the lives of the people by strengthening the infrastructure. Many people of urban and rural areas were left behind in the race of development, for whom schemes have been made to benefit. Each person should have his own house on his own land to live in, There should be a solid roof, work is going on fast in this direction. Chief Minister Chouhan informed about starting Ladli Bahna Yojana after Ladli Laxmi Yojana and its benefits.

Chouhan said that the general public should get the benefits of the schemes under the leadership of the youth. Swami Vivekananda considered 100 energetic youths necessary for development. We have more than 22 thousand energetic youth, who will get involved in the development of the society by taking leadership training. 

The Chief Minister said that pride day is being celebrated in every village and city. Citizens of Madhya Pradesh are coming forward. Everyone is involved in some or the other creative work. These include the work of planting saplings, adopting schools, anganwadi centers and hostels and improving the arrangements there.

Jan Abhiyan Parishad has done wonders

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Jan Abhiyan Parishad did a wonderful job in the Jalabhishek Abhiyan in the past. Conservation of water resources, protection of the environment is not the work of the government alone. Everyone’s efforts are necessary to save the earth. Today public cooperation is required in various fields. Connecting the public brings success in works. During the Corona period, the Jan Abhiyan Parishad played an important role in helping the public. A scheme was started for financial assistance to many children who had lost their parents due to Corona. Serving such children is like worshiping God. The youth have to be active in such works. Our life will be meaningful only then, When we change the present situation and create a new history. Jan Abhiyan Parishad has to walk together with the trained youth. Everyone’s participation will bring change and the life of those who participate in public welfare will also be meaningful.

The Chief Minister also narrated inspiring stories

In the programme, Chief Minister Chouhan mentioned about the Dhai-Pi-Pai movement, conducted in the interest of laborers in his home village Jait, in which there was a demand to double the honorarium of poor labourers. Later, due to the participation and encouragement of the then top leader Sundarlal Patwa in the Padyatra starting from Salkanpur, decisions were taken for public welfare. Chief Minister Chouhan said that the youth can do anything if they want. Whatever you want, you can break the mountains, whatever you want, you can even turn the mouth of the rivers, whatever you want, you can squeeze nectar from the soil, your life is immortal, you have got a boon, God himself is in your soul, man, you are very great. Hai” – Chief Minister Chouhan also encouraged the youth with these poetic lines. Chief Minister Chouhan said that we all will walk together.

In the program, 5 youths also narrated their memoirs related to leadership training. The youth of the state, who joined the course of the Jan Abhiyan Parishad as mentors, narrated their experiences of the work being done, Animesh Jabalpur, Najma Bano Bhopal, Mohan Singh Gaur Anuppur, . Pratibha Singh Rewa and Krishna Patel Damoh. . All these youth have gained courage and self-confidence from undergraduate and postgraduate courses in social work, speaking on stage, promoting schemes, serving as Corona volunteers, conducting Ankur campaign and participating in programs related to public awareness. Gave information about the achievement of being. Many youths described Chief Minister Shri Chouhan’s leadership ability, guidance and inspiration as important in their lives.

Council’s Vice President Vibhash Upadhyay said that Chief Minister Chouhan has implemented development programs in every area of ​​the state. The infrastructure has been strengthened. It has become easy to reach the capital from any part of the state. Initiatives to establish a giant statue of Adi Shankaracharya and Advaita Sansthan at Omkareshwar, construction of Shri Mahakal Mahalok in Ujjain, development of passenger facilities at Orchha and other places are underway. Chief Minister Chouhan has also brought laurels to the Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad. Thousands of students have joined undergraduate and postgraduate courses in social work.

Director General of the Council B.R. Naidu said that Chief Minister Chouhan has made continuous efforts for the participation of women in development. The leadership training program was closed in the year 2019. From the year 2020, the council again did the work of conducting BSW and MSW courses at the development block level. Today, in 313 study centers, there is participation of 38 percent women and 24 percent scheduled caste-tribe. 

The Council is actively working for Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh 2023 and UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goal – 2030. Efforts are being made to reach the schemes of various departments to the society. Training programs are going on in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya, Chitrakoot. Youth have also been associated with other major organizations.

Chief Minister Chouhan inaugurated the community leadership youth gathering by lighting the lamp. He also inaugurated the newly created Learning Management Portal and Student App http://cmcldp.mpjapmis.org/ by CRISP. Crisp’s MD Dr. Shrikant Patil told that all the students will come on one platform through the portal. E-library is also available on the portal. Bhopal Mayor Malti Rai was present.

Vice President of Jan Abhiyan Parishad Dr. Jitendra Jamdar expressed gratitude. The souvenir of the council was released. Books of course material were presented to Chief Minister Chouhan. Professor Virendra Kumar Vyas Chitrakoot operated. Vice-Chancellor of Chitrakoot University Bharat Mishra, Principal Secretary of Planning, Economic and Statistics Department Mukesh Gupta and Executive Director of the Council Dhirendra Pandey were present.

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