Ramaphosa lauds inclusion of African Union as G20 member, calls for solidarity on climate change challenges

New Delhi, Sep 9 (IANS) South African president Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday expressed happiness at the inclusion of the African Union as a member of the G20 grouping.

“We are delighted that the #G20 has accepted the @_AfricanUnion as a member of the #G20,” Ramaphosa said on X.

The African Union’s induction in G20 was earlier in the morning announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid applause by all members.

“Global reconstruction in the wake of the #COVID19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity to accelerate the transition to low-carbon, climate

resilient, sustainable societies,” the South African president added.

“Developing economies are bearing the brunt of climate change, despite carrying the least responsibility for this crisis. As African and other

developing economy countries, we face the task of meeting our climate commitments in the midst of significant developmental challenges like

poverty, inequality and unemployment,” Ramaphosa said while underlining the challenges faced by African nations.

Climate change, environmental degradation, unsustainable consumption and production and resource scarcity are challenges that can only be addressed collectively and with a great deal of solidarity, he added.

“South Africa calls for an enhanced and expanded Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.This must be supported by the concrete policies and actions outlined in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development,” the South African president emphasised.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the G20 leaders are meeting at a time of challenges.

“15 years ago, #G20 leaders came together for the first time to restore global growth after the financial crisis. We meet at a time of enormous

challenges – the world is looking to the G20 once again to provide leadership. Together I believe we can address these challenges,” Sunak said