Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus in India: Flipkart’s Rs 6000 price tag has a big catch to it

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus will go on sale today in India starting at 6pm and Flipkart is offering some massive deals on the two phones, which can bring down the price to an effective cost of Rs 6000. Of course, this massive price cut only comes if you are trading in an old iPhone or another device and use a Citi Bank Credit/Debit card to get the Rs 10,000 cashback offer.
Another factor to keep in mind when considering the Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus offers on Flipkart is that you have to pre-book before 17:59, which is one minute before 6 pm. Flipkart is offering extra 12 per cent off on regular exchange value for those buying the new iPhone 8. We explain Flipkart’s offers below.
Apple iPhone 8 at Rs 6000: What’s the catch, details
Now Apple iPhone 8 effectively starts at Rs 64,000 (64GB) but if a user is exchanging their iPhone 7 device for this, they can Rs 20,000 off on exchange. However, there is Rs 100 pick up charge included here. The Rs 20,000 includes Rs 17,000 as regular exchange value and Rs 3000 extra. So the total amount payable under exchange is Rs 44,100. If a user trades in an iPhone 7 Plus for the smaller iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, they get Rs 23,000 on exchange.
Additionally a user can get Rs 10,000 cashback on Citibank credit/debit cards, which brings the price down to Rs 34,100, assuming one has the card from this bank. Finally, Flipkart is also adding a buyback value offer for which users have to pay Rs 99. The Buyback guarantee means you can get Rs 33,000 for the iPhone 8 if you return this within six to eight months, Rs 28,000 if you return within nine to 12 months and Rs 20,000 discount if you return within 13 to 15 months.
Assuming one returns the phone after a year, the price effectively comes to Rs 6,000. But of course, if you are exchanging it for another iPhone in 2018, you will be paying a more for the new device, and so the Rs 6,000 value doesn’t really hold. Also don’t forget the Rs 199 added to the final price which includes the pickup cost and the extra Rs 99 for buyback scheme.
Still the buyback offer on Flipkart is worth considering since you will get an assured Rs 28,000 value on the iPhone 8 once you decide to upgrade. Also unlike the Jio buyback offer, this is not tied to any network operator.

Apple iPhone 8 in exchange for iPhone 6s: Details on the offer
Apple iPhone 6s users who trade in their old device for the iPhone 8 will get Rs 11,000 exchange value along with another Rs 3000 added to this. So the total discount for exchange is Rs 14,000 which will bring the price of the iPhone 8 to Rs 50,000. Once again with Rs 10,000 cashback and Rs 28,000 assured buyback from Flipkart, the effective value comes to Rs 12,000 for the iPhone 8. For Apple iPhone 6s Plus users, the exchange discount is Rs 14,650 on the iPhone 8 series.
As we’ve already pointed out these low value numbers only hold if one is using a Citi Bank debit/credit card and has an older, working iPhone to exchange for the new device.
Apple iPhone 8 in exchange for regular phones: What’s the deal
For non-iPhone users, Flipkart has listed out some exchange offers as well. For instance, Moto Z users can get Rs 8,550 as exchange value on the iPhone 8. The cashback offer and buyback offer from Flipkart is also valid here. Flipkart says effectively in this case, the value of the iPhone 8 is Rs 17,450. Again this is for the 64GB version only.
OnePlus 3T users will get Rs 10,550 off on exchange and along with the other two deals, the price will be Rs 15,450. A Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone will fetch Rs 11,850 off on exchange and if clubbed with the other two offers, the price is around Rs 14,250. An older S6 Edge will fetch around Rs 11,300 off on exchange. The extra cost for pickup and the buyback value will add another Rs 199 to the final price.

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus: Is the Flipkart exchange deal worth it?
The Flipkart deals work best for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s series users because you are getting a good value for the older version. One will have to enter the IMEI number for verification when buying with Exchange in order to get the extra discount on the price. The deal only gets better if a Citi Bank credit card is applied, so if you don’t have one you won’t get this Rs 10,000 cashback.
Also the Rs 28,000 assured buyback value will only kick in after 12 months so you will still be paying for the rest of the price. Take note, Rs 28,000 is NOT deducted from the final price right now. Effectively with the cashback, exchange offer, the iPhone 8 64GB costs Rs 34,199 at best, assuming you are handing in an iPhone 7.
The terms and conditions of the Buyback also say that the iPhone can’t be damaged, there should be no rooting, modifications to the device. Also the original box, IMEI number, accessories will be needed at the time of exchange. This buyback makes good sense for those who like to change their iPhone every year.