Here’s how KnowledgeHut made its CSM course fit the groove of every industry

Hyderabad is among the top global centers of IT for which it is also called Cyberabad. It is a home to over 1,000 ITeS and IT companies including global majors like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, and Dell. The city’s IT industry has benefited both freshers and professionals massively and is expected to grow to $50 billion by the year 2025. The future of the IT industry in Hyderabad creates massive job opportunities in the global markets. The Agile methodology has rightly addressed the challenges of software development and project management and this has increased the demand for professionals with knowledge and experience in Agile. So, grab the Certified Scrum Master course, where IT jobs are growing faster than other sectors from the mid-1990’s.

Scrum, which is a popular framework of Agile is growing very fast. More than 65% of IT organizations have adopted Scrum globally to deal with complex projects. Moreover, organizations are using Scrum for business development and operations, and marketing as well. The reason for the increase in its adoption is fast product delivery which suits the ever-changing business environment. Grow your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable across all industry sectors that are adopting Agile practices by obtaining a Certified Scrum Master Certification from KnowledgeHut.

A Certified Scrum Master facilitates teams to implement Scrum practices appropriately in their Scrum projects and thereby helps in enhancing the project success rate. KnowledgeHut offers 2 days Certified Scrum Master training from authorized CSTs who are assessed to be the best in the industry. Along with the 2 days workshop, we offer you access to the course materials, mock examinations, 16 PDUs and many more.

The Certified Scrum Master training will provide you with a complete overview of the Scrum framework needed for managing an Agile project effectively and will help you prepare well in order to become a Certified Scrum Master. Our trainers who have years of experience in implementing Scrum in real-world projects will enable you to learn the Scrum basics and about the Scrum lifecycle, how to set up a Scrum team and a project, and how to implement the Scrum framework from sprints and releases to business transformation. This course is ideal for teams and professionals who need to learn and implement Scrum skills.

CSM offers greater and better job opportunities for professionals who wish to build a strong base on scrum and agile practices and development. Become a Certified Scrum Master in just 2 days on KnowledgeHut accelerated course.

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