For OnePlus, it is one-market-one-TV mantra for now and for India this is 55-inch OnePlus QLED 4K TV

It’s official even if OnePlus CEO Pete Lau wouldn’t yet confirm it. Contrary to all the wild rumours that hinted at OnePlus TV launching in September in India with screen sizes of 43-inch and 55-inch, the official word is that OnePlus will launch only one smart and premium TV for now. In India this TV will have a screen size of 55-inch, a detail shared by OnePlus on Twitter, and it will be a premium TV with QLED display, Android TV OS comparable to, says Lau, “the premium TVs sold by big TV brands like Samsung and Sony.”

Some details about the upcoming OnePlus TV are available but most of the key bits are not known. The key bits, though, aren’t that important right now. They will be once people go out to buy the OnePlus TV when it comes to market in early October — launch is likely in late September in India — but for now, Lau believes that OnePlus fans need to understand what the OnePlus TV is going to stand for. He says that it is going to stand for everything that OnePlus phones stand for: solid basics, premium experience at a relatively better price and great attention to detail.

Just like the OnePlus phones, says Lau, the OnePlus TV will be “smooth and fast”. It will come with software that is a delight to use and does not fight with users.

Just like how it was at the beginning for OnePlus phones, to start with, there will be only one variant of OnePlus TV. “For now our approach is going to be one-market-one-TV. We will launch the OnePlus TV with a screen size in India that is most appropriate for Indian users who are looking to get a premium TV. And in this TV we want to give the people the best that is possible while keeping the TV price reasonable.”