Google Chrome to get dark mode for for Windows 10 and macOS, Never Slow Mode also under works

Google is testing dark mode in Chrome for Windows 10 and macOS users. The news comes from 9to5google that says the feature is currently under testing in the latest Canary development builds of Chrome.

The states that as of now the feature is enabled in the browser by default and automatically adjusts to the system-wide theme of both the platforms. As of now, no dedicated button can be seen for disabling this feature. It is unclear how Google plans to go ahead with the feature on both the platforms. The feature is currently in testing and could come in the stable Chrome release by April of this year along with the Chrome 74 release.

Dark mode is a colour scheme designed to put less pressure on eyes when the device is used in dark lighting. The mode shows light-coloured texts, icons and other UI elements against a dark background. This improves the text readability in dark resulting in less strain on your eyes when scrolling through the phone in dark. Google has confirmed that dark mode also helps extend the battery life of OLED Android phones. Google’s upcoming Android release– Android Q– will come with a system-wide dark theme meaning that upon enabling the mode, not only the system surface will be become dark but the colours of the compatible apps will also automatically adjust its colour according to the system settings.

Google Chrome working on Never Slow Mode
Google recently added several features to the Chrome browser in order to better its user experience. The company is now said to be working on a new “Never Slow Mode” feature for faster browsing experience.

A new commit spotted on Chromium Gerrit states the features “enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience.”

The Never Slow browsing mode is said to restrict loading of certain content which exceeds a given size resulting in faster loading of a page. It puts some restrictions on every variables which affect the loading speed of a page. There is no given timeline when this feature would launch.