New Google Photos Features Including ‘Color Pop’ Now Rolling Out

Google announced a slew of new updates for Google Photos at I/O earlier this week. One of those bigger features was Color Pop, which would keep the subject in color and make the background black and white. And this is all done as an additional photo, not overwriting your original, and it’s done without any work from the user. Much like the stylized photo feature, you cannot do this to your picture yourself. Instead, Google will send you a notification like the stylized photo, that you have a new Color Pop image. It’s a cool feature, and one that many over on Reddit are reporting is now available on v3.20 of the Google Photos app. However, others have sideloaded the latest version of Google Photos are haven’t gotten this update, so it may be a server-side rollout on that particular build.

There are also some other features that are rolling out right now, including the ability for Google Photos to identify things like documents and screenshots and allow you to “archive” them. This takes them out of your library, but doesn’t actually delete them. Since many of us take loads of screenshots, and pictures of documents, this is a really useful feature. Both the Color Pop and the Archive feature are rolling out now, and it seems to be a staged rollout, so even if you do install the latest version of Google Photos, it still may not be available. But this does also mean that we may see the other features announced in the Google I/O keynote available in the next few days.

Google Photos is one of Google’s most popular products, and the company is always rolling out new features to really make it even better. Google Photos allows you to automatically back up all of your photos to the cloud, and you also get unlimited storage. Google Photos will also enhance your photos and even create albums or videos for them. It does so much more than just allowing you to store your pictures in the cloud, which is a pretty cool thing from Google.