Sony to squish QuadRooter Android bug in upcoming security patch

While the QuadRooter bug does put about 900 million Android-powered smartphones at risk, Google recently told users that they should not worry about this threat as it has a couple of fail-safes in place. Still then, the search giant did state that its Android partners could take action sooner (instead of waiting for Google to deliver its next security patch) using Qualcomm’s public patch and Sony seems to be on it already.

While Sony has yet to give out details as to when its QuadRooter fix would arrive on its smartphones, the company did take some time out to put out a statement regarding Sony’s commitment to the same.

“Sony Mobile takes the security and privacy of customer data very seriously. We are aware of the ‘Quadrooter’ vulnerability and are working to make the security patches available within normal and regular software maintenance, both directly to open-market devices and via our carrier partners, so timings can vary by region and/or operator. Consumers are recommended to continuously upgrade their phone software in order to optimize performance of their Xperia smartphone. Users can take steps to protect themselves by only downloading trusted applications from reputable application stores.”

In short, there is a patch in the works and Sony recommends that its users keep upgrading via System Updates and stick to the latest software to stay safe. It was Check Point Software technologies that unveiled the research detailing the vulnerability said to affect over 900 million devices running Android.

These vulnerabilities affect the smartphone drivers which control the communication between multiple chipsets components. According to Check Point, users should be on the latest Android OS version to avoid these vulnerabilities, as well as not side-load any Android app.