Tata Harrier to get online configurator upon launch – Just like Jaguar Land Rover cars

It’s the fourth quarter of the year and that means some of the biggest smartphone OEMs are getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. While Samsung does get a lot of flack from enthusiasts in the United States for their locked down bootloaders at carrier stores, they are still selling millions upon millions of new device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was unveiled yesterday and we are getting closer and closer to the phone’s launch date. Wallpapers for new smartphones are something that a lot of people are interested in and right now you can download the ones that are loaded on the new Galaxy Note 9.

If you’ve been reading the headlines in any of the Android publications then you already know this device is already up for pre-order. We’ve known for a while that the launch date would be around August 24th. Our official XDA forums for the new Samsung smartphone are open and our friends over at Pocketnow got an early look at the phone too.

As mentioned, Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers are something that a lot of people are looking forward to for many reasons. Some just like to get a refreshed set of official wallpapers for their device, while others use it to imitate their Galaxy Note 8 (or older) phone is brand new so they don’t get tempted to go spend $1,000 on a new phone. If you’ve been reading through our Galaxy Note 9 forums then you may have spotted a thread where XDA Member Vmb265 uploaded these images packed up in a ZIP file. And we have some to show you as well. Hit the link to download the ZIP file.