Trai extends deadline for consultation note on public Wi-Fi networks

Trai has announced an extension in the deadline for comments on the consultation note for nationwide rollout of interoperable and scaleable public Wi-Fi networks. The consultation note was issued on 15 November, and the previous deadline for receiving comments was set at 25 November.

Stakeholders requested an extension in the deadline, and Trai has obliged. Trai announced the new deadline as 9 December in a press release. It has stated that requests for further extensions in the deadline will not be entertained. Stakeholders have to send their comments to Trai, the preferred mode is through the e-mail address Stakeholders can contact Trai for any clarification on the consultation note.

Earlier this year, in July, Trai had issued a consultation paper on public Wi-Fi networks. Following the consultation paper, Trai held a workshop in Bengaluru with industry representatives and researchers. As a result of the workshop, Trai issued a consultation note on a model for nationwide interoperable and scaleable public Wi-Fi networks.

The model included a registry of providers, and a mechanism for Adhaar linked authentication. The Internet Freedom Foundation has said that the model favors telecom operators, and the unnecessary authentication requirements will slow down the rollout of broadband access.