Twitter Experimenting with Feature That Allows Users to Schedule Tweets

Twitter is introducing a new feature that will allow users of the microblogging site to schedule tweets on the web. Twitter has posted about the launch, writing, “Tweet scheduling on Yes, please! Starting today, we’re experimenting with bringing one of @TweetDeck’s handiest time-saving features into Twitter. Tell us what you think if you’re part of the experiment.” One of Tweetdeck’s more popular features, it seems that the microblogging and social networking service is looking to expand the Twitter user base with the incorporation.

According to the video that has been added with the post, to schedule a tweet, users have to simply write whatever they intend to post and then click on the three dots located in the bottom bar. This will give them the option to schedule the tweet for a particular date and time. Once they have done that, they have to press the confirm button and then press on ‘schedule tweet’ to ensure that the tweet becomes visible when the user wants it to go public.

However, according to a report, there is no clarity as to when the feature for scheduled tweets might be launched for the mobile app on Android and iOS. However, Twitter has announced, via their post that they are “experimenting” with the new feature and they have not announced any official date for its release.