Vodafone revamps RED 399, RED 499 postpaid plans with up to 75GB data, Amazon Prime subscription and more

Since Reliance Jio debuted in the Indian telecom space, there are a couple of good things that happened – we now have unlimited calling and cheap data. And to undercut Jio, incumbent operators aren’t shying away from offering attractive data plans. Vodafone has now revamped two of its postpaid plans, which now offer more data among other benefits.

The RED Basic 399 plan is now renamed as RED Entertainment. The revamped plan now offers 40GB 3G / 4G data, up from 20GB that it used to offer before. The plan also comes with data rollover up to 200GB, 1-year Vodafone Play subscription, and one-year Amazon Prime subscription. Users also get unlimited local and national calls, and unlimited national roaming as a part of this plan.

Vodafone has also revamped the Rs 499 RED-Traveler R plan, and renamed it as RED Entertainment+. The new plan now offers 75GB data, up from 40GB that it used to before. With unlimited local and STD calls, unlimited roaming, and 200GB data rollover, the plan also offers 1-year Vodafone Play subscription, and one-year Amazon Prime subscription. Users also get device protection plan worth Rs 300 completely free with this plan.

In comparison, Reliance Jio just has one postpaid plan priced at Rs 199, which offers 25GB data per month, along with other benefits such as unlimited calling, and unlimited SMS. Once the 25GB monthly quota is over, users can continue high speed surfing and downloading with data pricing of Rs 20 per GB.

Airtel, on the other hand, too has Rs 399 and Rs 499 postpaid plans with unlimited calls and unlimited roaming. The Rs 399 plan offers 20GB data, whereas the Rs 499 plan offers 40GB data along with one-year Amazon Prime subscription. Clearly, Vodafone postpaid plans are much more lucrative now compared to Airtel and Jio.