Amit Shah stuck in lift in Patna

PATNA: BJP president Amit Shah got stuck in the lift of a government guest house, located near Raj Bhavan in Patna on Thursday night at around 11.15pm.

He remained stuck inside the lift for about 20 minutes. He was in Patna for two days and is scheduled to leave on Friday. He was staying in room number 101 at the first floor of the state government guest house.

Apart from Amit Shah, Rajyasabha MP and Bihar BJP in-charge Bhupinder Singh, Sangathan mahamantree Nagendra Kumar?, Akhil Bhartiya Sangathan mantree Saudan Singh and Amit Shah’s personal secretary were in the same lift.

According to sources he remained in the lift for near about 20 minutes. He provided the toll free emergency number of the lift company to ihis security personnel from inside the lift which was stuck between ground floor and first floor. But as nobody responded from that number later on as per direction of Shah, the lift was broken by CRPF personnel from the backside of the lift. All five were rescued out of lift. All came out in kneel bow/duck position as lift was opened/broken by half.

Sources said that it took more than half hour to gey back normal condition for Shah. All of them were totally panic stricken.