Dhaka’s streets ran red with blood on Eid: Here’s why

Eid al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice took a gory turn in Bangalesh’s capital city, Dhaka. It was a rainy Eid there and after few hours of rain the streets were flooded. However, the water-logged streets were red. The blood of the animals slaughtered for the ‘kurbaani’ got mixed with rain water and what happened next left everyone in shock.

The weather forecast by the meteorological department had already warned everyone about heavy rainfall on the festival. It is reported that it started raining on Tuesday (September 13) early – right from the time of morning namaz – and continued erratically till evening. Despite the downpour, people in Dhaka went to offer their Eid prayers in the morning and sacrificed the animals.

Bangladesh’s leading newspaper the Dhaka Tribune reported, “As rainwater built up on the roads of Dhaka and flooded many areas of the capital it got mixed with the blood to create an unusual and gory scene; it appeared as though there were red rivers running across the city.”

The picture of gory Dhaka streets were shared on social media platforms and it drew quick attention. The redness of the picture could let one think it might be photoshopped but no, the pictures were real. Dhaka residents strongly criticised the two city corporations in charge of cleaning the sacrificial waste for this situation. However, a blame game had started by then.