Donald Trump has deep respect for press but it’s a two-way street, says White House

The White House on Wednesday said certain media outlets had gone out of their way to do inaccurate and unfair reporting.

“I think the President’s been very clear that certain outlets have gone out of their way to not represent his record accurately and it is a concern to him. He has deep respect for the first amendment, for the role of the press — I have addressed this multiple times in the past,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily news conference.

“He (Trump) has a healthy respect for the press. But I think it’s a two-way street, as I have also said before, and I think that the President understands that certain outlets have gone out of their way to not be completely accurate and fair in their coverage of what is going on,” Spicer said.

Spicer said several times the media jumped to conclusions.

“In some cases it’s disheartening to realise that those are the kind of immediate conclusions that somebody jumps to. So when you talk about coverage, we have a free press, we have the right for our people to say and do what they believe,” Spicer added. “It is incumbent upon people to try to get it right.”