Exhausted doctor collapses in China hospital amid Covid surge

Frightening videos have emerged from China hospitals as patients can be seen receiving CPR lying on the ground. In another video, a doctor can be seen collapsing on his seat apparently from the exhaustion of attending to the endless influx of Covid patients.

As China is grappling with a sudden resurgence of Covid cases, reminding the world of how the year 2020 had begun, several videos of the present mayhem at the hospitals in China have surfaced. In one video, shared by the Telegraph, a doctor, apparently so exhausted from attending patients, collapsed on the chair. Read | What is China’s latest Covid situation? 5 points

In another video, several Covid patients were seen lying on the floor receiving CPR from automated machines and a group of doctors. Read: China’s crematoriums, hospitals ‘packed’ as Covid cases rise | Top 10 points

The fresh wave has caught China off guard after its stringent lockdown was lifted last month. Hospitals are packed to their capacity and crematoriums are seeing a sudden surge in bodies as BF.7 variant of the Omicron strain is believed to be the main factor behind the concerning surge.

In the video, shared by The Telegraph, the doctor can be seen attending to one patient after another and then suddenly collapses on his chair needing the intervention of other doctors. Unable to revive him, his colleagues moved him out of the chair, The Telegraph video said.

While China’s worsening situation has become a global concern in the past two days, the incident, as reported by The Telegraph, took place on December 14, indicating that the influx of patients started weeks ago.

Millions of deaths have been forecast in the recent surge of Covid-19 cases in China as the health system is completely overburdened. According to an estimate, more than 60% of China and 10% of the world’s population are likley to be infected by Covid in the next 90 days.

Hospitals are so crowded that the staff have started posting online messages to take care of mild symptoms at home.