Hafiz Saeed appeals for removal of his name from ECL

LAHORE: Jamatud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed and 37 other affiliated with the organisation have requested the interior ministry to remove their names from the Exit Control List (ECL), claiming the JuD has never been involved in any terrorist activity in Pakistan.

In a letter written to the ministry’s department of ECL on behalf of JuD chief and others, AK Dogar pleaded that a memorandum issued on Jan 30, 2017 placing 38 individuals should be withdrawn.

The lawyer stated that the JuD has never been involved in any terrorist activity in Pakistan and no incident of terrorism or destruction of property was ever alleged against the organisation. He argued that the JuD is an organisation which is dedicated to welfare of citizens, as it has established 142 schools and four universities in the country. He says Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation (FIF) is a proof sufficient to this effect.

Dogar contended that no material has ever been produced by the federal or provincial governments against Hafiz Saeed. He referred to an observation made by a full bench of the Lahore High Court hearing a petition of Hafiz Saeed and others against their detention in 2009. The bench had observed, “In the present case the government is not in possession of any evidence that the petitioners are risk to the security of Pakistan and merely on the basis of the UN Resolution their liberty cannot be curtailed.”