Imran will give opportunity to improve relations with India: USA

Washington: A senior Pentagon official said Thursday that Trump administration wants the newly elected Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan possibilities of improving relations with India are given for inquiries. Asia and supporting the defense of the United States Pacific Security Affairs Randall G. Shriver organized the Carnegie Andovment for International Peace had said at an event that brought many governments new in Islamabad and wants to improve relations with India but soon his reality and all kinds Confronted with the misery of He said, “We want to give time to the new prime minister of the new government of Pakistan that it could be a chance to improve relations with what this scope is India.”

He was answering a question related to trilateral relations between India, Pakistan and USA. Shriver said, “but he said that during the campaign and said the reference after the elections, we want to allow them time to explore the scope for improving relations with India.” Khan relating to the time In the context of a question, he said that it is in the context of Indo-Pak relations and there is no change or signal in the policy of Trump administration regarding Pakistan. Not.