Indore: Kavita Raina murder investigation hits a wall

Eleven days on and the Indore police appear to have hit a wall in the investigation of the Kavita Raina murder mystery, and are now relying on information from the mystery man who parked the victim’s scooty at the Navlakha police station.

After following multiple leads, including some eyewitnesses who saw Kavita Raina before she was murdered, chopped up into pieces and dumped into a nullah near Teen Imli, the police have gone back to quizzing the husband and his family, and attempting to re-create the scene of the crime.

On Monday, the police began the search for one Raju, the mystery man who parked the victim’s scooty at Navlakaha police station after her murder at around 8 pm on August 24, as per the parking contractor’s records. They have also prepared a sketch of the man, who is believed to be the key to uncovering the mystery surrounding the murder.

According to police sources, Raju was seen boarding a bus to Shirdi and a team was sent there to track him down. However, the police came up empty handed there as well.

With various lines of investigation running into a wall, the Kavita Raina murder case appears to be heading the Arjun Singh Parihar and Doshi murders way, which have remained unsolved to this day.

Here are some important questions that are yet to be answered.

Where is the murder spot?

The police are of the view that the murder took place in a small room, they are yet to find the place the actual murder took place. Though several houses in Azad Nagar and near Navlakha bus stand, in addition to the victim’s own house, have been searched so far, nothing concrete has been found. The police are also a planning a door-to-door search to find the murder spot.

Who is Raju?

Raju is the man who parked the Kavita Raina’s scooty after the murder. According to the police, he’s appears to be around 30 years of age and was wearing a cream-coloured T-shirt at the time. Investigators say Raju was last seen boarding a bus to Shirdi.

What are the leads?

The focus is mostly on the family of Kavita Raina and her husband Sanjay Raina. After the scooty was recovered, the police started interrogating Sanjay Raina and other family members.