Pakistan and China have more atomic bombs, but India’s suppressed

India’s three major powers: India, Pakistan and China have increased their number of nuclear weapons within a year. Where Pakistan is ahead of India in nuclear weapons matters, China also has twice as many numbers as it has.
 The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has said in its report that Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than India, while China has twice the number of nuclear weapons compared to India. According to the report released on Monday, Indian security experts believe that India’s resistance is more complete. Along with this, in the matter of surveillance and counter-notification, Indian nuclear experts have also forwarded their nuclear weapons. India is working on it and modernization.

Pakistan currently has 140-150 nuclear weapons while India has 130-140 weapons. There are approximately 280 weapons near China. Speaking of America and Russia, they have 6,450 to 6,850 nuclear weapons. Both have 92 percent of the world’s weapons. India and Pakistan have built 10-10 new nuclear weapons within a year.

The weapons of the second seven nuclear-armed countries are quite small but they are either developing or expanding their nuclear weapons system. Sipri says, “Both India and Pakistan have accelerated the development of missiles fired from land, air and sea, while accumulating large amounts of their nuclear weapons. China is constantly modernizing its nuclear weapon system and making its arms smaller.

Defense establishment sources say that in view of the threat from China and Pakistan, India has no option left. For this reason, he has to build such weapons with atomic resistance, which can be trusted and can help the enemy in widespread damage in retaliation.

The report says, “India and Pakistan are expanding their nuclear weapons reserves and are developing missile delivery systems that kill new land, sea and air.” China is also developing its nuclear weapons system and gradually increasing its nuclear weapons capabilities.