Undeterred by Impeachment Proceedings Trump Says He is Winning

Washington: Undeterred by initiation of impeachment proceedings against him, President Donald Trump has told thousands of his supporters that he is winning again.

Addressing a rally in Louisiana on Wednesday, Trump warned that the country will head towards depression if he is not re-elected in the 2020 polls.

“We are winning. We are winning like never before. The best is yet to come,” Trump told his supporters at a rally ahead of the election of Louisiana governor, a day after his Republican party received a drubbing in several State and local elections.

In Louisiana, Trump asserted that the country’s economy under his presidency is booking. He warned that the country will be headed towards depression if he is not re-elected in the 2020 polls. “You will have a depression the likes of which you have never seen before,” he said.

While his administration is delivering to the Americans, Trump alleged that the “radical liberal Democrats are trying to rip the nation apart.”

“They want to eradicate the rule of law, punish religious believers, silence you online, indoctrinate children and they are after your second amendment,” he said amidst boos from his supporters.

Describing it as a “impeachment witch-hunt,” Trump spent the outset of his remarks criticising House Democrats and the impeachment inquiry, and also singled out the whistleblower who he said made a “horrible statement” about his phone call with Ukraine’s President.

Earlier on Wednesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced to hold first open hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

On November 13, the Committee will hear from Ambassador William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent. Taylor currently serves as the Charge D’affaires for the State Department in Ukraine. Kent serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the European and Eurasian Bureau at the Department of State.

The Committee on November 15 will hear from former Ambassador Marie “Masha” Yovanovitch. Until May 2019, Yovanovitch served as the US Ambassador to Ukraine.

Trump accused Democrats of pursuing a “deranged, delusional, destructive and hyper-partisan impeachment witch hunt.” A brief mention of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton caused “lock her up” chants from the crowd.

The president also spoke about building the wall at the southern border, the successful military operation against deceased ISIS leader Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi, and the strength of the US economy.

“It’s all a hoax, a scam,” he said and accused the mainstream media of helping the opposition Democrats in this.